Kundalini Rising Training
Kundalini Rising Training

Tantra Training

This introduction is for everyone to get to know us and for us to get to know you!

The embodied path of liberation and love.
Do you want to follow a well-grounded training in tantra? Do you want to do a workshop more than once?
Are you ready to really integrate tantra AND have knowledge of it?
This training is designed to give you a good foundation both informative and experiential. We will discuss the different tantric aspects such as:
Life energy
Shadow work
Tantric Dance
Tantric Touch
Tantric Theory and background
Free movement (possibly blindfolded)
Masculine and feminine energy

This training consists of 6 weekends and is given in Amsterdam East with a fixed group of participants.
This training offers a safe and solid 'container' for you to achieve real transformation. To make tantra a part of your daily life, so that it is really anchored in your bones and we don't go from one peak experience to another.
The intention of this training is to let you experience that life itself is an invitation to look in the mirror, that challenges are there to help you wake up to your true nature.
In tantra we don't do this by floating 'above it' or through a spiritual bypass, but by encountering everything there is, without judgement.
We learn through our body that situations and people around us invite us to feel. We reprogram our bodies by letting them know that everything can be felt and is welcome.

In this training you learn to make tantra a daily 'practice', so we also discuss what you can do in daily life to live more to your potential; what is needed? What steps have been required of you to actually live what you are here for?
What makes the training different from others is that we want to offer as complete and careful tantra training as possible. This also means that there will be theory and PowerPoint presentations. No matter how nice and important the experience of tantra is, the mind is a powerful and important part of achieving complete transformation.

Still, the main thing we're going to learn is to trust your body. We assume that your body has a deep natural intelligence, which we often subconsciously suppress out of control and fear.
More and more we let go of those inhibitions and find out that it is time to become truly free, to let go of the old constraints and beliefs.
We 'decondition', that means we empty ourselves of all old thoughts and concepts. Only then does our life energy/kundalini open and we become a 'channel.
We move and breathe through old inhibitions and become more and more free.
We truly welcome everything we encounter on the path and bring it to consciousness by expressing and sharing it with the group.

What will you learn during this training?
* activation kundalini
* freeing and letting your chakras flow
* sharing from an authentic place
* move/dance authentically
* theory and background about tantra
* experience of a strong support field and group
* liberate and welcome your sexuality
* to feel everything there is
* being present/breathing in the moment
* liberate and heal your inner man and woman
* working with life energy

Rakesh&Elfriede use a careful selection process for this group, so that the energy of the group remains safe. Send a whatsapp to 0618189585 to indicate your interest.

It is possible to follow this training as a couple and - if you want - to do all the exercises together.

There is NEVER a 'must' in this training. We think it's super important that everyone listens carefully to themselves. At any time you are free to participate in an exercise or not, or to take a break. We never force or 'persuade' and always respect your autonomy. There will also be no genital touch in this training. Nudity (if you will) may be an issue.

Rakesh has tantra 'in his blood'. Growing up in the Osho commune, he came into contact with this at an early age. As a young child he was already preoccupied with the big questions. Gives workshops for more than 20 years and has a solid background and knowledge about tantra. Creator of Tantric Dance, Tantra Festival Amsterdam and many other initiatives. Rakesh has a talent for working with groups and can confront you directly and clearly with his straightforward approach full of humor and lightness.
Elfriede is his partner and together they form a strong duo based on the male and female approach. They have a first hand experience having gone through many tantric transformations themselves.
Elfriede has a background from the Healing Tao. Active for more than 10 years in facilitating transformation work. She has a razor-sharp attunement and empathy for the group and people. She looks directly into your soul and can see what you need to achieve real transformation. Stay away from her if you're not ready to really look at yourself and make strides. 'The sword of truth' but also with a lot of playfulness and humour!

We think it is important that all participants join with full commitment. Because we are not with a large group (max 16) everyone is essential for creating the group energy. It may be that something is hit that doesn't feel comfortable and that might make you an old pattern of not wanting to come. We want to emphasize that putting yourself in and being with everything there is is an important basic attitude.

We are looking forward to!

Elfriede and Rakesh use a style that can be described as 'fierce love'. Sometimes direct and confrontational, sometimes soft and subtle. With extensive experience in the field of tantra and consciousness development, they are teachers who offer you real transformation.

Conscious Studio
Amsterdam east


Intro: zondag 14 mei 14-17u
30 september & 1 oktober
28&29 oktober
25&26 november
6&7 januari
3&4 februari
2&3 maart


35,- introductie
2200,- gehele training
1200,- voor de eerste drie weekenden
350,- voor weekend (indien beschikbaar)



App naar 0618189585