Basis Training
Basis Training

Tantra Training

Are you interested in tantra?

Are you looking for a safe place to learn the basics?

* Do you long for more feeling, less head?

* Do you want to experience more life energy?

This is a training for those who are curious about tantra and want to learn and experience what it can mean for them in a safe and well-founded way.

This training consists of three blocks of three Sunday afternoons. We recommend following them all, but it is also fine to follow just 1 block.

During these Sundays we experience and learn what tantra can offer us. We will go through exercises in a calm and well-founded manner, and there will also be a theory section where you can learn something about the tantric theory.



On Sunday, June 23, you are welcome at 11 p.m. to participate in a free introduction.

Block 1

Chakras (September 8)

Embodiment (September 22)

Breathe (October 6)

Block 2

Life energy (October 20)

Sexuality (November 10)

Polarity (November 24)

Block 3

Shadow work (December 8)

Higher energy (December 22)

Integration (January 12)


There is no genital contact or nudity during this training.


Couples are more than welcome to participate in this training. It is possible to do all exercises together - please indicate in advance.


We always work on an invitation basis. An exercise will never be 'mandatory' but always 'optional'.


Elfriede & Rakesh have been professionally active in the field of tantric workshops for more than 10 years. Organizers of the Tantra Festival Amsterdam and Tantric Dance, among others, they are known for their experience, expertise and skill in guiding people on the tantric path. They guide you with passion in a deep yet humorous way!


The investment for 1 block is €175

Three blocks together are 475,-


Send a whatsapp message to 0618189585.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you and welcoming you on this beautiful path.

Elfriede and Rakesh““““““““



Per block is 175,-

Three blocks together are 475,-




Send a whatsapp message to 0618189585