Kundalini Rising ⧞ Advanced Training ☼

Starting on 18 January 2024 19:00
Welcome to this intensive, in-depth 'next level' training. For experienced tantrikas and people with extensive experience in the field of process work.
Kundalini is the most powerful energy we have access to as humans and we must be ready to generate and channel this energy.
This is a training for people with courage, and are ready for a straightforward approach. An approach without sugar coating and detours.
Kundalini is like a razor-sharp blade that 'cuts' through everything that is not truth, where we still hold on, where we brake, where we still oppress.
The path of kundalini is about the path of ultimate liberation.
Getting rid of old blockages, stuck mind stuff and ego constructions.
Are you ready for a journey of true transformation? Do you feel ready to become truly free once and for all and let your life energy really flow?
This workout is direct, intense and transformative.
We do not push or force the energy, but are playful and open to it in which profound shifts are made.
This energy finds its way if we surrender to it and let 'the medicine' clear old blockages.

This training is for you if you:
❊ Are ready for profound transformation
❊ Have experience in the field of tantra and really want to go into depth
❊ Wants to go to the core
❊ Can carry yourself and feel strong enough to work with kundalini
What do we do?
❊ Kundalini activation
❊ Kundalini 'to shake'
❊ Chakra Activation
❊ Direct coaching and feedback
❊ Shadow work
❊ Breath exercises
❊ Embodiment practices (dancing blindfolded, sharing from your body)

We want to meet you before we arrange your presence.

7-10 pm
door open 18:30

18 january
1 february
15 february
29 february
14 march
28 march
11 april
25 april

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app to +31 6 18 18 95 85
Elfriede and Rakesh use a style that can be described as 'fierce love'. Sometimes direct and confrontational, sometimes soft and subtle. With extensive experience in the field of tantra and consciousness development, they are teachers who offer you real transformation.
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Conscious Studio (Amsterdam East)
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Elfriede and Rakesh